what is love thy neighbor campaign?

The ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ initiative is our way of living out the second greatest  commandment God gives in Matthew 22, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In this time of challenge and adversity we as a church have an opportunity to step into areas of need for those around us for God’s glory.

  how can you help?

donate your stimulus check

There are many people who are in serious need of financial assistance during this time. Others of us have been fortunate enough to escape financial hardship during the pandemic. Pray about donating your stimulus check to the “Love Thy Neighbor” fund.

pray by name   |   meet a need

Join us as we pray by name and meet a need. We do this though engaging our neighbors, praying for them (and with them) and meeting their needs through grocery shopping, lawn care, and companionship. Be creative and be kind!

Here are two resources to help you succeed.

Tips to Love Thy Neighbor

Printable Cards


Use this card to let your neighbors know you can help them. Slip it in their mailbox or on their front porch to show you care.

Take time to pray over this Tips Sheet on how you and your family or roommates can "own your street" and love well.


Join the Stonegate Task Force

There are many different ways to love others right now. You can shop for those who can’t, care for those who are sick and bring food to neighbors in need. Take some time and ask God how you can sacrifice some of your comfort to serve others in need. Click the button below to sign up to be one of our on-hand volunteers.

Join us as we pursue the command of Jesus to love our neighbor's as ourselves. In giving back to Jesus the time, energy and efforts that he has given us, we hope to truly love our neighbors as if they are ourselves.

love thy neighbor